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 Today is Friday.  The time is 3:20.  Two days until Gio, the founder and one of the great minds behind Fashion Shoppes Boutique, goes shopping in NYC.  There’s a ton of shows coming up, including MRket, Vanguard, Designer Forum and ENK-NYC.  These are some of the coolest, most top-notch shows to hit New York.  (I will let you in on the scoop with all of them a little later)  So, needless to say Gio is going to be gone for the entire week next week, leaving us all to sit here in eagar anticipation of what he’s going to bring us back.  But don’t just sit here reading this and think, oh poor workers get to chill all week without a boss to keep them on track.  The big cat’s away, but we don’t get to play. Meaning:  we all will be barraged by a flow of text messages at all hours with pointers and brainstorms; new news and what to do with it.  It means we’re about to be slammed with new product to place on the site and already existing product to unload.  So get ready, it’s gonna be a good ride.  This happens every season, so there’s plenty more to come.  Right now, everything we have  is being updated on the web (by Nick the great) but I’ll give you the gist before he does.  Ready??

Angelino jeans:  buy a pair of these puppies and get a $20 gift card.  That’s a pretty good deal, considering these jeans are flying off racks everywhere.  We don’t need to do this… just want to make room for more

With any Fiesso order you’ll receive a free sample of Gio’s cologne.  He has two.  Both are exquisite.

MEK is a killer line of jeans and for the time being, we’re promoting the sale with $10 gift cards per purchase

We’re practically giving away these Sandro Moscolini shoes.  Don’t ask me why.  You won’t find deals this good anywhere else.

And you’ll find Zagiri’s clothes here for less than anywhere else.

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