So Word's Out

So Gio has informed us that Tayion, the suitmaker for the big and badass, may be getting harder to come by.  We’ve had a great run with them here in the store and online.  They’re popular, and look great on.  They have been a staple here, to say the least.  AND WE DO STILL HAVE THEM, we just know they’re going to sell out sooner or later. So of course, upon hearing the news that we may have lesser and lesser of these puppies for you to purchase, we’ve devised a plan.  Find something just as great and make you aware of it.


We’ve figured it out.  Just look at us, we’re so smart.  Check out these A.C. Green suits here.  A.C. Green is a real person, believe it or not.  He’s from Oregon (home of some of the best Pinot vineyards ever).  He’s a retired basketball player and currently owns the NBA Iron Man title.  But anyways, he makes one heck of a suit.  I can only say things like they are wide cut, buttery-soft Italian Super 150’s merino wool, highly specialized with the utmost attention to detail.  They range from formal to out there, with high-fashion ideas like contrast stitching and extra wide collars.  Buy them for work, or buy it for church, and then wear them to a party to look cooler than your friends. These suits are for the guy who is tired of following the trends.  These are for the man who wants to be in front of the bandwagon.  But you’ve got to see them for yourselves.  I’m telling you, they’re just what you’re looking for if you’re looking into the whole “new year-new you” thing.  Here’s my favorite.

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